About Our Sessions

Tuesday - Speed Session


Speed training consists of alternating short bursts of very fast running with recovery periods. The fast segments are  typically done at 1km race pace or faster.  

Thursday - Tempo Run


Tempo runs, also called threshold runs, should be a staple for runners of every distance from the 1000m to the marathon. The best way to describes them simply as "steady prolonged runs." that the effort of a tempo run should feel "comfortably hard." 

Saturday - parkrun


We can be found at one of the many parkrun events in the local area

  • Point Cook
  • Altona Beach
  • Wyndham Vale
  • Newport Lakes
  • Brimbank Park
  • You Yangs

parkrun events are free weekly timed 5km events.

Sunday - Long Slow Run



These runs are usually conversational pace and provide the following benefits

  • Strengthens muscles in legs, torso and arms
  • Adapts tendons, ligaments, joints and bones to stress of running
  • Promotes efficient running form
  • Teaches patience, discipline and how to handle physical discomfort
  • Trains the cardio, respiratory and muscular systems to work more efficiently
  • Increases the quantity and size of mitochondria, improving oxygen use and glycogen stores